Yes! I knew it! Design and doing good CAN be combined and here's proof:


<-- This is Ella Marciano. You might already know who she is, because she's the daughter of GUESS CEO Paul Marciano, a model AND she designed this t-shirt for GUESS. The profits go to Sojourn Services for Battered Women and Their Children.

GUESS and Ella have teamed up with Teen Vogue for a t-shirt contest. No, not that kind of contest (which, of course and by the way, I would so not be promoting here as a Real World F. G. thing). This is a DESIGN contest and YOU can enter it. (You need to have some artistic talent though, but I leave that judgement up to you.)

Here's where the f.g. part comes in: the profits from this t-shirt will benefit the charity YOU choose.

So, if you're interested, sign up and enter here:

Chari-T Design Contest

Next year, maybe they'll make it a BOOT design contest...

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