Real Teens 2011


If you ask me a "real teen" is pretty much everybody from 13 to 19 who isn't fictional, right? Okay, well, this company Aeropostale apparently defines real teens differently, as kids "aspiring to do the right thing in life and embodying compassion, integrity and a spirit of teamwork."

In other words: Real World, F.G.s!

If that's you, you can nominate yourself here: Real Teens (click on Become a Real Teen 2011)

People then vote for you, and once it's narrowed down to 87 finalists, celebrity judges pick the top ten, who get a $5000 scholarship and also get to make a pretty cool video diary that's posted on the site. Check out the 2010 top ten here.


The 87 finalists get a $100 Aeropostale gift card. (No, it's not a mailing and packaging company, it's a clothing store chain.)

Unfortunately, I don't qualify and that's not just because I have issues with teamwork. It's mainly because I'm fictional, not real. Maybe one day  Aeropostale will let Fake Teens enter. Until then, I wish all you real people luck, without any bitterness or jealousy...really!

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