_ Here’s my first post from an article I read in Teen Voices.com (see previous post for more info on that site and magazine). Bullying is all over the news now, which is good, because Kathy tells me that although there was lots of bullying when she was a kid, nobody did anything about it or even talked about it. What’s different now is that people also bully online. That’s harder to deal with, because the bullies can be anonymous and/or they can gang up on victims. You’d think people would have better things to do, but whatever. It’s annoying, evil and wrong, and there are lots of kids trying to fight back.

Lior Solaimani is one of those Real World f.g.s fighting the online bullying thing. She’s a high school student in New York, who took a stand after a classmate who had been bullied committed suicide. She raises money and spreads awareness by selling bracelets that protest bullying, and she works with her school’s Pay It Forward club.

The Teen Voices article, by Claribel Baez, Valdwin Etienne and Shaquaria Wallace) listed a bunch of websites for more information on cyberbullying. Here are two:


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