So, last post I wrote about some eco-F.G.s on this team. Here's a few more members, who did stuff like fundraising and gathering items to donate to different causes:

Maren Johnson (16) collected leftover soaps from hotels for the Global Soap Project, which turns them into bars for countries that need them.

Dylan Mahalingam (16) raised money for Under the Acacia, to build schools in Kenya, and Rujul Zaparde (16) co-created Drinking Water for India and raised money to build wells there.

My total favorite is Connor Dantzler (17) who founded Health through Humor, which donates joke books to hospitals. How great is that?

There are more of these kids, but the post would be endless! And I would be exhausted. In later posts, I'll zoom on a few, so you can learn more about their projects and organizations.

To find out more about this whole All-American Service Team thing, visit generationOn.org.

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