Yes, I know. Lots of kids do good things for people and animals and the environment and the world, etc., without using a wand and without seeking any personal gain. I may not be one of them, but if you know any, you can nominate them for a Caring Award, which is given by this organization called The Caring Institute. Young adult winners get money for college as part of the award. (!!!)

They have a list of the past winners on the site, but you have to scroll down to the Young Adult winners. (Why???? The young adults should be first, right? Whatever.) You can click on each profile to read more about them, but if you don't have time for all that, here's some quick highlights about the teen (and one pre-) winners:

Amanda LaMunyon, an artist who uses her art to raise money for kids with disabilities, including autism.

Molly and Carly Houlahan, who run a company called Hives for Lives that makes honey products that they sell to raise money for cancer.

Talia Leman, who started Random Kids, an organization where kids and teachers can connect with each other to solve any world issue that interests them.

Joshua Williams, age nine (AGE NINE!!!), who started the Joshua's Heart Foundation to help the poor in his neighborhood, and which has expanded to help out hunger worldwide.

Alison Mansfield, who has helped gather TONS of food and other supplies to send to soldiers overseas through Operation U.S. Troop Support.

So, obviously, you can't nominate somebody just because they loaned you ten dollars for those earrings or gave you a ride to the mall. They need to have done something BIG and VERY helpful, for LOTS of people. But there might be someone at your school or in your neighborhood who has -- or knows someone who has -- or knows someone who knows get the picture.

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