I.S. stands for Internet Star, because guess what????  I got asked to write a guest post on Randy Russell's blog (he wrote this YA book called "Dead School," which is being published next year, same year as Kathy's book about ME).  The blog is about writing in the teen voice because...yes, no duh, I'm a TEENAGER. 

So here it is, because you know you want to read it and find out what I have to say or why would you be reading this blog in the first place??

Delaney Collins, F.G.'s guest superstar blog post at Randy Russell's Ghost Folk blog.

Um, yes, you'll notice that there's a photo of Kathy there and NOT ME.  Like she just could not stand it that I got to write the blog and she had to take some credit just because she's the writer of MY BOOK. 

BUT!!!  There's another post about me below that one and the photos are are of MY BOOTS!!!  How cool is that?  So now I'm just going to wait for the boots to go viral and for the orders come in and soon I will be mind-explodingly rich and famous, and it's going to be my picture everywhere, not Kathy's.  (But maybe sometimes my photo with Kathy, because, you know, she is the novelist...) 

Anyway, check it out: My boots at Randy's blog.
[No, these are not my boots, but since you can find my boots on the "Boots" page of my website (OF COURSE), I thought I'd paste in a photo of some boots that are soooo cool, I wish I'd made them.  No surprise they're from some site called rockyhorrors.co.uk.]

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